The Severity of Tooth Surface Loss in Adult Patients Presenting to a Private Dental Hospital

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Farwa Rehman
Tayyaba Saleem
Saira Bibi


This study aimed to assess the severity of tooth surface loss (TSL) in adult patients at a private dental hospital for 6 months. This research explored the severity of TSL using the Smith and Knight Tooth wear index (TWI). Study participants underwent intraoral examination in dental chairs with adequate lighting using a mouth mirror. Prior to examination, sterile cotton swab was used to clean and dry the teeth and to eliminate any plaque residue. Each tooth surface (buccal, lingual, cervical and occlusal/incisal) were evaluated using the TWI and documented on the research proforma. Only the most affected teeth and teeth surfaces were noted in a patient. A total of 320 patients were observed between ages (18-40 years), out of which 140 had tooth wear according to TWI. The male patient had a ratio of 40.91% while female were 50.08%. The mandibular anterior teeth had score 2 in 97.1% of the patients and maxillary premolars had score 1 and 2 which were 96.4% and 92.9% respectively. The occlusal surface was involved in 58% of maxillary teeth and 100% in mandibular teeth. Our study indicates that the mandibular anterior occlusal surfaces are particularly susceptible to the impacts of tooth wear. This may lead to aesthetic concerns, exposure of pulp with advanced wear and occlusal imbalance, which will require extensive treatment. Hence, it is imperative to raise awareness among individuals regarding the early indicators and symptoms of tooth wear.

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Rehman, F., Saleem, T., & Bibi, S. (2024). The Severity of Tooth Surface Loss in Adult Patients Presenting to a Private Dental Hospital. Journal of Women Medical and Dental College, 2(2).
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Tayyaba Saleem, Islamabad Medical and Dental College, Punjab, Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Tayyaba Saleem
Professor & HOD
Department of Prosthodontics
Focal person Dental Section; Department of Medical Education Islamabad Medical and Dental College
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