Guarding Against Rabies: The Power of Vaccination in Rabies Disease Management

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Ayesha Bibi
Ibrar Ahmed
Mishal Safdar
Tufail Ahmad
Aroosa Imtiaz
Kiran Akber
Zoya Amin Khaskheli
Naimat Ullah Khan
Amjad Ali


Rabies, a lethal viral disease caused by the rabies virus, presents a critical public health challenge globally. The disease's etiology involves transmission through the bite or scratch of infected animals, primarily dogs, with the virus targeting the central nervous system and leading to devastating neurological symptoms. Early diagnosis is crucial but challenging due to the disease's non-specific initial manifestations. Vaccination strategies serve as the cornerstone of rabies prevention, encompassing pre-exposure prophylaxis for high-risk individuals and post-exposure prophylaxis for those bitten or scratched by potentially rabid animals. In this article we provide an in-depth exploration of vaccination therapy as a pivotal strategy in the deterrence and management of rabies. The evolution of rabies vaccines, particularly inactivated virus vaccines, is explored, underscoring their role in reducing human rabies cases. The article concludes by emphasizing the significance of continuous research to enhance vaccine effectiveness and promote a comprehensive approach to rabies prevention.

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Bibi, A., Ahmed, I., Safdar, M., Ahmad, T., Imtiaz, A., Akber, K., Khaskheli, Z. A., Khan, N. U., & Ali, A. (2023). Guarding Against Rabies: The Power of Vaccination in Rabies Disease Management. Journal of Women Medical and Dental College, 2(2).